Transport and parking

Motorcycles and scooters


Further information

Parking areas

Stay safe on the roads

Review these tips from the Government of Western Australia.


Parking is free in motorcycle and scooter bays, and permits are not required to access them.

Compared to vehicles, motorcycles and scooters take up little space and can access small, tight spaces unsuitable for larger vehicles. They are also cheaper to run and emit far less greenhouse gases and pollution than single-occupied vehicles.

Consider commuting by motorcycle or scooter and benefit with free parking.

Please note motorcycles and scooters cannot access a car bay without a paid permit.

Check the parking map on the right for designated motorcycle and scooter parking.

Driving on campus

The speed limit on campus is 25 kilometres per hour.

Give way to pedestrians at all times and do not exceed the maximum speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour, unless otherwise indicated.

If authorised to drive a vehicle on the inner campus, the maximum speed is walking pace and your vehicle's hazard lights must be switched on.

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The University does not accept responsibility for damage to vehicles, loss of vehicles or damage to or loss of accessories or contents of vehicles while on University land.

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