Transport and parking

Parking Infringement Advisory Panel


The Parking Infringement Advisory Panel provides advice and makes recommendations to the Registrar's agent regarding parking infringment appeals submitted by staff, students and visitors.

Terms of reference

Section 7.4 of the University Land By-Laws empowers the Registrar to exercise discretion in regard to appeals against parking infringements.  The Associate Director (Security and Parking) is authorised as the Registrar's agent for the purpose of carrying out advice of the Parking Infringement Advisory Panel in regards to Parking Infringement Notice Appeals.


The Parking Infringement Advisory Panel (PIAP) membership is to consist of representatives from the University community.  It will usually consist of:

    a)  Academic Staff representative
    b)  General Staff representative
    c)  Student Guild representative

Members will be identified from the University community and will be drawn on a rotational basis from a pool of volunteers from each of the three groups with a quorum of two members.  Panel member identities are not for general publication and all discussions are confidential.


  1. The Parking Infringement Advisory Panel provides advice and makes recommendations to the Registrar's agent regarding parking infringement appeals submitted by UWA staff, students and visitors.
  2. The role of the panel is to provide a peer review perspective to parking infringement appeals, with the aim of ensuring that they are -
            a)  In accordance with UWA Land By-Laws      
            b)  Fair and consistent with University policy
  3. The Registrar's Agent will facilitate the process and action recommendation given by the panel.  Unless there is relevant additional information, second or subsequent appeals will not be accepted.

Appeals process

  • The PIAP shall normally meet at least twice in each month and at other times as required.
  • The University parking appeal process in no way removes the right to elect to have a parking appeal heard in the Magistrates Court.
  • A second appeal will only be considered where there is additional information provided.
  • Where there is an indication of financial hardship, the Registrar's agent can authorise an extension of six weeks to pay the outstanding infringement.
  • Letters accompanied by either a cheque, money order, or cash will be considered as having accepted liability for the infringement and will be processed as such.  Any subsequent appeal action would not normally be considered.
  • All parking appeals must be submitted in writing within 21 days of the infringement being issued.