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  • A parking permit does not guarantee a parking bay
  • Notes on vehicles are not accepted as a valid permit
  • It is in your interest to read all signage
  • Temporary permits are available


For parking enquiries try askUWA or contact the UniPark Office, telephone (+61 8) 6488 1229.

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Your parking permit may be suspended and a fine issued if your vehicle is found breaching the University Lands By-Laws.

University car parks are regularly patrolled to ensure that legal parkers have the best opportunity of finding a bay.

  1. Parking fines
  2. Payment of parking infringements
  3. Appeals

Parking fines

In accordance with the University Lands By-Laws, the following parking infringements may be issued.

Infringement Type



Driving other than on a Traffic Area


Exceeding speed limits



Failing to give way when entering or leaving Parking Area



Disobeying signal order or direction of an Authorised Person or a member of the Police Force



Disobeying Traffic Signs



Breaching an Act or Regulation



Parking a bicycle other than in a bicycle Parking Area



Parking without a valid Parking Permit or Parking Ticket



Parking other than wholly within the marked boundaries of a parking bay other than in a No Parking Area or No Stopping Area



Parking in a No Parking Area



Parking in a Reserved bay other than for Proper Purposes



Parking in a Disabled Bay



Parking contrary to any limitation on a Traffic Sign



Parking a motor cycle, motor scooter or similar vehicle other than in a Motorcycle Area



Stopping in a No Stopping Area



  • If the infringement is paid within 7 days, the infringement may be reduced by $10.
  • The discount does not apply if the infringement is appealed.

The penalty for infringements is set at a community standard. The values of the penalty at The University of Western Australia are set by The University of Western Australia Senate.

Parking regulations must be followed to ensure availability for all users (commuters, students, faculty staff, visitors, etc.) who need parking space.

The infringements are expensive, but can be avoided by following the rules.

The University is authorised to impose modified penalties for parking infringements and uses the Fines Enforcement Registry for enforcement.

Parking infringements not paid within 7 days will enter the fine enforcement cycle and will incur additional fees.

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Payment of parking infringements

Alternatively the UniPark Office is open for the payment of parking infringements Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 1pm.

Card payments only.

Departmental use only - payment of permits and infringements

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To appeal a UWA parking infringement, you must submit a written request using the Parking Appeal Submission Form within 21 days of incurring the infringement.

Please note: that an appeal from an individual with multiple infringements, especially for the same offence will not be waived. Also be aware that appeals are almost never granted for any of the reasons listed below.

  • "Everybody parks there and I'm the only one who got a ticket."
  • "I was only there for five (or ten etc.) minutes."
  • "I've parked there for the last five weeks (months, years etc.) and I've never been infringed before."
  • "I didn't know."
  • "I thought it was a space."
  • "I did not see the sign."
  • "I did not read the sign."
  • "I did not read the information printed on the permit."
  • "I did not have any change."
  • "I can't afford the fine."

Appeals are reviewed by the Parking Infringement Advisory Panel, consisting of representatives from the University community, who meet regularly.

A second appeal will only be accepted if new relevant information is provided. 

An appeal will not be accepted if the infringement has already been paid. 

Verbal appeals will not be accepted.

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