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  • A parking permit does not guarantee a parking bay
  • Notes on vehicles are not accepted as a valid permit
  • It is in your interest to read all signage
  • Temporary permits are available


For parking enquiries try askUWA or contact the UniPark Office, telephone (+61 8) 6488 1229.

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To avoid incurring an infringement please make sure you carefully read the parking signs before you park your vehicle.

Vehicles on campus must be parked within marked bays at all times.

Vehicles may not park in no parking areas, no stopping areas, access ways or any area not officially set aside for parking, including verges, gardens and pathways.

  1. Permit areas and times
  2. Pay parking
  3. Bicycles and motorcycles
  4. Reserved bays, including carpooling bays
  5. Maintenance bays
  6. ACROD and accessible bays
  7. Inner-campus areas

Permit areas and times

Red parking areas are reserved between 8am and 5pm weekdays for staff parking permit holders (except Car Park 37 where parking is restricted 24/7).

Yellow parking areas are reserved between 8am and 5pm weekdays for student permit holders (except Car Park 37 where parking is restricted 24/7).

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Pay parking

The University has various pay and display parking areas.

  • Long-term (8am to 5pm) $1.50 per hour
    Car Parks 9, 17, 31, 33 and 35
  • Short-term (8am to 5pm) $2.00 per hour
    Please check signs for maximum duration you're allowed to park
    Car Parks 1, 3, 4, 20 and 25

Car Park 37 pay parking is restricted between 7.00am to 8.00pm and is for Oral Health Centre of WA patients only.  Vehicle must have a valid parking ticket & appointment slip displayed.  

The signage in these areas indicate the maximum length of time a person can park, for example 1P indicates 1 hour, 2P indicates 2 hours. 

At the end of the time limit on the signage, the vehicle must be moved from the carpark.

Ticket machines will only accept Visa or MasterCard payments.

Please note tickets purchased from a vending machine must be displayed face upwards on the dashboard and be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Failure to observe this requirement is one of the most common reasons why parking infringements are issued.

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Bicycles and motorcycles

Bicycle racks are located throughout the campus.

Motorcycle bays are located in car parks 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 15, 16, 18, 25, 31, 34, 37, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

No permits are required to park in these areas.

Motorcycles and scooters must not park in vehicle bays.

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Reserved bays, including carpooling bays

Reserved bays, including carpooling bays, are reserved at all times.

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Maintenance bays

Maintenance vehicles on official business to the University may park in maintenance bays if the vehicle is displaying a valid maintenance bay permit.

Notes or business cards left on the dash will not be accepted.

These bays are reserved at all times for authorised maintenance vehicles.

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ACROD and accessible bays

Only vehicles with an ACROD permit or a University Accessible parking permit may park in accessible bays.

If there are no vacant accessible bays, ACROD and accessible parking permit holders may park in any vacant red (staff), or yellow (student), parking permit area.

ACROD and accessible parking permit holders who park in long or short-term pay and display areas must purchase and display a ticket from the vending machine. You are permitted to park for twice the period shown on the ticket.

Accessible bays are reserved at all times.

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Inner campus areas

Parking and use of pathways on the inner campus is restricted to UWA vehicles and contractors with permission from UniPark and Security.

All areas other than pathways are considered as green areas. No green area shall be used for traffic without prior authorisation by Grounds or UniPark.

  • All vehicles should unload and then leave the area
  • The speed limit of vehicles should be walking pace
  • Hazard lights must be turned on

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