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If driving is your only option, be aware of speed limits, consider carpooling, consult the UniPark handbook and ensure you have a valid parking permit.

Parking for visitors to UWA.

  1. Driving on campus
  2. Carpooling
  3. UniPark handbook - for UWA students and staff

Driving on campus

The speed limit on campus is 25 kilometres per hour

Give way to pedestrians at all times and do not exceed the maximum speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour, unless otherwise indicated.

If authorised to drive a vehicle on the inner campus, the maximum speed is walking pace and your vehicle's hazard lights must be switched on.

Liability - the University does not accept responsibility for loss or damage

The University does not accept responsibility for damage to vehicles, loss of vehicles or damage to or loss of accessories or contents of vehicles while on University land.


Save money on parking fees and fuel by sharing your journey with another student or staff member. Car-pooling has the added benefits of reducing traffic congestion, parking pressures, carbon emissions and air pollution.

Eligible UWA staff can apply for a carpooling permit which offers access to a dedicated car-pooling bay.  

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UniPark handbook - for UWA students and staff

The UniPark Handbook provides detailed information for students and staff on parking permits, parking areas, fees and fines.